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Find The Chickens, Find The Eggs

Find the chickens, find the eggs

My favorite season is spring and my favorite time during spring is Easter. I love to see the nature change from quiet in winter to colorful and vibrant in spring. I enjoy all Easter traditions that I have adopted gladly. I love decorating the house with Easter themes and I am the first one ready to search Easter eggs with the children!

Every year I head to the Wereldwinkel for my decorations: lovely ceramic chickens, hens and roosters and also Easter eggs in different materials. I prepare nests with the chickens, baskets with the eggs; make an easter-tree with different things; all look lovely! And this year, the shop also has beautiful easter bunnies. I already got a few!

I am looking forward to seeing the smile on the face of my children when I show them the bunnies! Just like me, my children also get very happy with spring and Easter: they can play outside again, search for eggs and eat the chocolate ones too!

I am sure you all will enjoy a visit to the Wereldwinkel in search of bunnies, chickens, birds, eggs and other nice decorations for the house. Get into the easter spirits and find the chickens, bunny, find the eggs!

Wereldwinkel, Rijnburgspassage 8, Wassenaar

I.Caraballo, volunteer at the Wereldwinkel

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